Wart Jr.

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Villager Frog Icon.png Frog
Wart Jr.
Wart Jr. Picture.png
Wart Jr. Icon.png
Historical Banner.png
Aug. 21
Primary Reward Material
Material Wood.png
Release Date
Mar. 23, 2023

Wart Jr.'s biggest complaint is that no one can see past his whiny, unpleasant, and overly critical exterior to see the beautiful soul hiding underneath.

Requirements to Invite

Minimum Required Friendship Level: 0

This villager is a Treasure Trekker. See the Wart Jr.'s Map page for more details on how to unlock / invite this villager.

Friendship Rewards

Level Reward(s)
Level 7 Tops jpn igeta.png Material Sparkle Stones.png
Sharp Outfit x1 and Sparkle Stones x1
Level 9 Material Sparkle Stones.png
Sparkle Stones x1
Level 15 Int bop blackpine.png
Pine Bonsai
Special Request Craft Unlock*
Level 20 Bromide flg05.png Material Sparkle Stones.png
Wart Jr.'s Pic and Sparkle Stones x1
Level 25-82
(Every 5 levels)
Material Sparkle Stones.png
Sparkle Stones x1

* Crafting this item and completing the villager's special request rewards the player with +10 Friendship EXP, 1,000 Bells Bells, Request Ticket x1 and Calling Card x1.

Level Unlocks

Level Unlock
Level 8 Outfit Change Unlock Icon.png
Unlocks Outfit Changing
Level 10 Lost Requests Unlock Icon.png
Unlocks Lost Item Requests

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