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Villager Deer Icon.png Deer
Fauna Picture.png
Fauna Icon.png
Natural Banner.png
Mar. 26
Primary Reward Material
Material Steel.png
Group 103
Group 206
Release Date
Oct. 25, 2017

Fauna is polite, reliable, and loved by all. She really doesn't have any major flaws. Well, other than her hypercompetitiveness. If you play cards with her, don't make eye contact.

Requirements to Invite

Minimum Required Friendship Level: 7

Furniture Name Materials Bell Cost Craft Time
Int plt aloe.png
6 Wood 430 Bells Bells 1 Minute(s)
Furniture Pastel-Dot Rug.png
Pastel-Dot Rug
30 Cotton 1,330 Bells Bells 3 Hour(s)
Furniture Modern Wood Closet.png
Modern Wood Closet
120 Wood

3 Natural Essence
2,430 Bells Bells 6 Hour(s)
Furniture Modern Wood Sofa.png
Modern Wood Sofa
120 Wood

3 Natural Essence
2,020 Bells Bells 9 Hour(s)
Furniture Pink Velvet Stool.png
Pink Velvet Stool
15 Cotton

15 Steel
1,070 Bells Bells 3 Hour(s)

Friendship Rewards

Level Reward(s)
Level 7 Shearling Coat.png Material Sparkle Stones.png
Shearling Coat x1 and Sparkle Stones x1
Level 9 Material Sparkle Stones.png
Sparkle Stones x1
Level 15 Rmk oth piano b.png
Ebony Piano
Special Request Craft Unlock*
Level 20 Furniture Pic of Fauna.png Material Sparkle Stones.png
Fauna's Pic and Sparkle Stones x1
Level 25-77
(Every 5 levels)
Material Sparkle Stones.png
Sparkle Stones x1

* Crafting this item and completing the villager's special request rewards the player with +10 Friendship EXP, 1,000 Bells Bells, Request Ticket x1 and Calling Card x1.

Level Unlocks

Level Unlock
Level 8 Outfit Change Unlock Icon.png
Unlocks Outfit Changing
Level 10 Lost Requests Unlock Icon.png
Unlocks Lost Item Requests

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Dec. 5, 2020 - Dec. 30, 2020
Dec. 2, 2021 - Dec. 26, 2021
Dec. 24, 2022 - Dec. 31, 2022
Jun. 27, 2023 - Jun. 30, 2023
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Related Classes

Name Class Catalog Category
Ftr pzl 2200073.png Flower-Garden Lounge 11-2 Floral Furniture
Ftr pzl 2200078.png Flower-Garden Lounge 2 11-7 Floral Furniture
Ftr pzl 3300001.png Colorful Melody 1 1-1 Colorful Melody
Ftr pzl 3300002.png Colorful Melody 2 2-1 Colorful Melody
Ftr pzl 3300003.png Colorful Melody 3 3-1 Colorful Melody
Ftr pzl 3306024.png Piano Recital 24-4 Lamp
Ftr pzl 3306026.png Piano Recital 2 24-6 Seat
Ftr pzl 3403003.png Antique Study 25-3 Storage
Ftr pzl 3403013.png Antique Study 2 26-5 Living Room
Ftr pzl 4206022.png Peaceful Garden 33-5 Garden
Ftr pzl 4206025.png Peaceful Garden 2 33-8 Garden
Ftr pzl 4407013.png Lottie's Holiday Market 1-1 Shop
Ftr pzl 5000017.png Garden Café 2 41-5 Shop
Ftr pzl 3100004.png Cinnamon-Plaid Room 1 1-1 Cinnamon-Plaid Room
Ftr pzl 3100005.png Cinnamon-Plaid Room 2 2-1 Cinnamon-Plaid Room
Ftr pzl 3100006.png Cinnamon-Plaid Room 3 3-1 Cinnamon-Plaid Room
Ftr pzl 4405010.png Garden Café 39-2 Food