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Crafting is run by Cyrus Icon.png Cyrus and Reese Icon.png Reese in the game. A player will select a craft and call Cyrus and Reese to place the order. Once the craft is finished, Cyrus and Reese will then deliver the item to the player.

Crafting is a key mechanic in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as most furniture, exclusive clothing, and all amenities are made through crafting. In order to host new animals and max out the possible amount of friendship with other animals (as well as unlocking additional furniture), it is necessary to craft furniture and amenities.


To access the Craft Menu, select the second menu at the bottom titled Craft. The menu that then appears is split into several sections.

Amenity Workbench

This is where progress of an amenity being crafted is shown. There is only one amenity workbench in the game which means, unlike regular workbenches, only one amenity can be crafted at any given time.

Regular Workbenches

This is where progress of furniture and clothing being crafted is shown. The player by default starts with one workbench, but it is possible to purchase the remaining two workbenches for 80 Leaf Tickets each.

Types of Crafting

Directly under the workbenches is a row of icons representing the various types of crafting. The types of crafting are:

Each craft type is further subdivided into more categories (eg. Furniture is split into Tables, Chairs, etc.).

Craft Selection

Under the rows of icons is the craft selection screen where a player can select the item they wish to craft.

The Bells number displayed is the amount of Bells needed to craft the item. Tapping the item will bring up a sub-menu displaying the required materials needed to craft the item as well as the option to check the Details screen.

Craft Selection Details

This screen will again show the materials and bells needed to craft the item as well as list the villagers who love the item. If a villager loves an item, this means that this furniture is required in order for the player to invite that villager to the campsite.

This screen also displays other information like the variation (eg. There may be multiple variations of a piece of furniture, such as Lovely Chair (Basic) and Lovely Chair (Lovely Pink)), sell price, craft time, and animal reaction (if there is one).

To craft the item, simply tap the Craft it! button which will then show an animation of the player's character calling Cyrus and Reese to place the order. The order will then show up on a player's workbench.

Using Leaf Tickets

It is possible to use Leaf Tickets to expedite the crafting process. Leaf Tickets can be used to:

  • Pay to immediately complete crafting.
Time Remaining Leaf Ticket Cost
Less than 10 minutes 1
Less than 30 minutes 2
Less than 1 hour 4
Less than 3 hours 15
Less than 6 hours 30
Less than 9 hours 45
Less than 12 hours 55
Less than 15 hours 68
Less than 18 hours 80
Less than 21 hours 93
Less than 24 hours 100
Less than 27 hours 110
Less than 30 hours 120
Less than 33 hours 130
Less than 36 hours 140
Less than 39 hours 150
Less than 42 hours 160
Less than 45 hours 170
Less than 48 hours 180
Less than 51 hours 190
Less than 54 hours 200
Less than 57 hours 210
Less than 60 hours 220
Less than 63 hours 230
Less than 66 hours 240
Less than 72 hours 250
  • Be a substitute for any missing materials. The conversion rate differs depending on how much of the material is missing from the craft. The conversion for materials to Leaf Tickets is as follows:
Material Amount of Missing Material Conversion Rate





1-29 .5 Leaf Ticket per Material
30+ .8 Leaf Ticket per Material
Generic Essence.png Essence 1-9 20 Leaf Ticket per Essence
10+ 23 Leaf Ticket per Essence
Friend Powder 1-2 10 Leaf Ticket per Friend Powder
3+ 11 Leaf Ticket per Friend Powder
Sparkle Stones 1 200 Leaf Ticket per Sparkle Stones
2+ 201 Leaf Ticket per Sparkle Stones
Reissue Material 1-15 5 Leaf Ticket per Reissue Material
16+ 6 Leaf Ticket per Reissue Material
Seasonal Craft Materials (eg. Candy Cane) 1-69 1.2 Leaf Ticket per Material
70+ 1.3 Leaf Ticket per Material
Gyroidite 1-9 20 Leaf Ticket per Gyroidite
10+ 21 Leaf Ticket per Gyroidite