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Special Character
Tortimer Icon.png
Dec. 31


Announcement Event Name Event Type Catalog Category Start Date End Date
20181227 News 02 Image 01.png Tortimer's Floral Fancy Garden Camellia Zen Dec 27th 2018 Jan 7th 2019
20211229 Garden Image 01.png Tortimer's Origami Party Garden Origami Estate Dec 30th 2021 Jan 9th 2022
20231230 Seasonal Image 01.png The Dreamy Zen Kingdom Seasonal Seasonal Event Dec 30th 2023 Jan 29th 2024
20231230 Garden Image 01.png Tortimer's Kingdom Report Garden Tortimer's Kingdom Report Dec 30th 2023 Jan 10th 2024

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Related Classes

Name Class Catalog Category
Ftr pzl 4408004.png Origami Estate 1 1-1 Origami Estate
Ftr pzl 4408005.png Origami Estate 2 2-1 Origami Estate
Ftr pzl 4408006.png Origami Estate 3 3-1 Origami Estate
Ftr pzl 5502004.png Zen Kingdom Report 1 1-1 Tortimer's Kingdom Report
Ftr pzl 5502005.png Zen Kingdom Report 2 2-1 Tortimer's Kingdom Report
Ftr pzl 5502006.png Zen Kingdom Report 3 3-1 Tortimer's Kingdom Report