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Special Character
Labelle Icon.png
Oct. 31

Labelle brings a high-fashion pedigree to her curated selection of hats and accessories, having studied under fashion legend Gracie Icon.png Gracie. So whether you need something cute or couture, she's your hedgehog.

Label sells accessories like hats and glasses in the Market Place Icon.png Market Place.


Announcement Event Name Event Type Catalog Category Start Date End Date
20210530 Seasonal Image 01.png Bustling City Business Seasonal Seasonal Event May 30th 2021 Jun 28th 2021
20210530 Garden Image 01.png Label's Sleek City Slickers Garden Stylin' Cityscape May 30th 2021 Jun 9th 2021
20230530 Seasonal Image 01.png Wedding Whimsy Seasonal Seasonal Event May 30th 2023 Jun 28th 2023
20230530 Garden Image 01.png Labelle's Wedding Salon Garden Wedding Salon May 30th 2023 Jun 10th 2023

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Name Theme Catalog Category How to Obtain How to Unlock
Int snp18 hgc cmps.png Label's Crystal Tree Special
Special - Special
Available for a limited time from Jan. 20 to Mar. 21, 2021.


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Name Class Catalog Category
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Ftr pzl 4204005.png Stylin' Cityscape 2 2-1 Stylin' Cityscape
Ftr pzl 4204006.png Stylin' Cityscape 3 3-1 Stylin' Cityscape
Ftr pzl 4204007.png Pop Quiz: Big-City Banquet 1 1-1 Starlight Banquet
Ftr pzl 4204008.png Pop Quiz: Big-City Banquet 2 2-1 Starlight Banquet
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Ftr pzl 4205007.png Pop Quiz: Quiet Comfort 1 1-1 Soothing Spa
Ftr pzl 4205008.png Pop Quiz: Quiet Comfort 2 2-1 Soothing Spa
Ftr pzl 4205009.png Pop Quiz: Quiet Comfort 3 3-1 Soothing Spa
Ftr pzl 5311004.png Wedding Salon 1 1-1 Wedding Salon
Ftr pzl 5311005.png Wedding Salon 2 2-1 Wedding Salon
Ftr pzl 5311006.png Wedding Salon 3 3-1 Wedding Salon