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Special Character
Gulliver Icon.png
May 25

The player can send Gulliver to islands via Gulliver Ship Icon.png Gulliver's Ship and he will bring back clothing, villagers, and snacks, along with other souvenirs.


Announcement Event Name Event Type Catalog Category Start Date End Date
20190911 Goals Image 01.png Open-Ocean Goals Special Goal Sep 11th 2019 Sep 25th 2019
20200630 Garden Image 01.png Gulliver's Port Resort Garden Port Resort Jun 30th 2020 Jul 10th 2020
20200630 Seasonal Image 01.png Gulliver's Seaside Stay Seasonal Seasonal Event Jun 30th 2020 Jul 29th 2020
20201110 Goals Image 01.png Gulliver's Washed-Up Goals Special Goal Nov 10th 2020 Nov 15th 2020
20230429 Seasonal Image 01.png Around the World Seasonal Seasonal Event Apr 29th 2023 May 29th 2023
20230429 Garden Image 01.png Gulliver's Tiny Travels Garden Tiny Travels Apr 29th 2023 May 10th 2023

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Name Theme Catalog Category How to Obtain How to Unlock
Int sea13 statue cmps.png Gulliver Statue Civic
Seasonal Event
Obtained by completing the following special goal during the Gulliver's Seaside Stay event:
  • Collect Mariner's Anchor x90
Car rug round snp23 cmps.png Gulliver's Mat Special
Special - Special
Available for a limited time from May 21, 2022 to Jul. 20, 2022.


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Ftr pzl 3301004.png Pop Quiz: Seaside View 1 1-1 Lemonade Stand
Ftr pzl 3301005.png Pop Quiz: Seaside View 2 2-1 Lemonade Stand
Ftr pzl 3301006.png Pop Quiz: Seaside View 3 3-1 Lemonade Stand
Ftr pzl 3302029.png Pop Quiz: Seaside View 4 4-1 Adventurous Journey
Ftr pzl 3302030.png Pop Quiz: Seaside View 5 5-1 Lemonade Stand
Ftr pzl 3302031.png Pop Quiz: Seaside View 6 6-1 Adventurous Journey
Ftr pzl 5310004.png Tiny World Travels 1 1-1 Tiny Travels
Ftr pzl 5310005.png Tiny World Travels 2 2-1 Tiny Travels
Ftr pzl 5310006.png Tiny World Travels 3 3-1 Tiny Travels
Ftr pzl 3301007.png Port Resort 1 1-1 Port Resort
Ftr pzl 3301008.png Port Resort 2 2-1 Port Resort
Ftr pzl 3301009.png Port Resort 3 3-1 Port Resort