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Special Character
Leif Icon.png
Aug. 8


Announcement Event Name Event Type Catalog Category Start Date End Date
20180227 News 01 Image 01.png Leif's Spring Flowers Event Garden Spring Flowers Feb 27th 2018 Mar 9th 2018
20200229 Garden 01.png Leif's Happy Tulips Garden Spring Tulip Garden Feb 29th 2020 Mar 11th 2020
20220227 Garden Image 01.png Leif's Flower Frolic Garden Floral Frolic Feb 27th 2022 Mar 10th 2022
20230227 Seasonal Image 01.png Sunny Dandelion Days Seasonal Seasonal Event Feb 27th 2023 Mar 29th 2023
20230227 Garden Image 01.png Leif's Springy Dandelions Garden Springy Dandelions Feb 27th 2023 Mar 10th 2023

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Name Theme Catalog Category How to Obtain How to Unlock
Int 2710 slo cmps.png Leif's Flower Stand Special
Special - Special
Available for a limited time from Sep. 7, 2018 to Nov. 6, 2018.


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Related Classes

Name Class Catalog Category
Ftr pzl 3101004.png Spring Tulip Garden 1 1-1 Spring Tulip Garden
Ftr pzl 3101005.png Spring Tulip Garden 2 2-1 Spring Tulip Garden
Ftr pzl 3101006.png Spring Tulip Garden 3 3-1 Spring Tulip Garden
Ftr pzl 5002004.png Floral Frolic 1 1-1 Floral Frolic
Ftr pzl 5002005.png Floral Frolic 2 2-1 Floral Frolic
Ftr pzl 5002006.png Floral Frolic 3 3-1 Floral Frolic
Ftr pzl 5306004.png Springy Dandelions 1 1-1 Springy Dandelions
Ftr pzl 5306005.png Springy Dandelions 2 2-1 Springy Dandelions
Ftr pzl 5306006.png Springy Dandelions 3 3-1 Springy Dandelions