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Special Character
Kapp'n Icon.png
Jul. 12


Announcement Event Name Event Type Catalog Category Start Date End Date
20180706 News 01 Image 01.png Bloomin' Booty with Kapp'n Garden Sunflower Patch Jul 6th 2018 Jul 16th 2018
20210629 Garden Image 01.png Kapp'n's Summer Resort Vacation Garden Summer Resort Vacation Jun 29th 2021 Jul 10th 2021
20210629 Seasonal Image 01.png Tropical Island Paradise Seasonal Seasonal Event Jun 29th 2021 Jul 28th 2021
20240630 Seasonal Image 01.png Relaxing Tropical Retreat Seasonal Seasonal Event Jun 30th 2024 Jul 30th 2024
20240630 Garden Image 01.png Kapp'n's Outdoor Market Garden Wisteria Park Jun 30th 2024 Jul 11th 2024

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Name Theme Catalog Category How to Obtain
Tops sea25 shirt cmps.png Hibiscus Aloha Shirt Sporty Banner.png
Seasonal Event
Obtained by completing any of the following special goals during the Tropical Island Paradise event:
  • Collect Tropical Bouquet x1
  • Collect Tropical Bouquet x16

Related Classes

Name Class Catalog Category
Ftr pzl 4207004.png Summer Resort Vacation 1 1-1 Summer Resort Vacation
Ftr pzl 4207005.png Summer Resort Vacation 2 2-1 Summer Resort Vacation
Ftr pzl 4207006.png Summer Resort Vacation 3 3-1 Summer Resort Vacation
Ftr pzl 4207007.png Pop Quiz: Summer Memories 1 1-1 Endless Poolside Paradise
Ftr pzl 4207008.png Pop Quiz: Summer Memories 2 2-1 Summer Resort Vacation
Ftr pzl 4207009.png Pop Quiz: Summer Memories 3 3-1 Summer Resort Vacation
Ftr pzl 4208013.png Pop Quiz: Tropical Café 1 1-1 Food Truck Festival
Ftr pzl 4208014.png Pop Quiz: Tropical Café 2 2-1 Food Truck Festival
Ftr pzl 4208015.png Pop Quiz: Tropical Café 3 3-1 Food Truck Festival
Ftr pzl 5700020.png Outdoor Market 1 1-1 Outdoor Market
Ftr pzl 5700021.png Outdoor Market 2 2-1 Outdoor Market
Ftr pzl 5700022.png Outdoor Market 3 3-1 Outdoor Market