Garden Events

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Announcement Event Name Catalog Start Date End Date
20180111 News 02 Image 01.png Rover's Garden Safari Rover Jan 11th 2018 Jan 22nd 2018
20180201 News 03 Image 01.png Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival Gothic Rose Feb 1st 2018 Feb 10th 2018
20180227 News 01 Image 01.png Leif's Spring Flowers Event Spring Flowers Feb 27th 2018 Mar 9th 2018
20180330 News 02 Image 01.png Zipper's Wonderland Event Wonderland Mar 30th 2018 Apr 9th 2018
20180504 News 01 Image 01.png Fruit Party with Katie Fruit Party May 4th 2018 May 14th 2018
20180531 News 01 Image 01.png Digby's Artful Retreat Modern Garden May 31st 2018 Jun 5th 2018
20180706 News 01 Image 01.png Bloomin' Booty with Kapp'n Sunflower Patch Jul 6th 2018 Jul 16th 2018
20180803 News 01 Image 01.png Redd's Summer Festival Summer Festival Aug 3rd 2018 Aug 13th 2018
20180817 News 01 Image 01.png Flower Festival Uncategorized Aug 17th 2018 Aug 29th 2018
20180831 News 01 Image 01.png Brewster's Sweet Harvest Vineyard Aug 31st 2018 Sep 11th 2018
20180928 News 01 Image 01.png Jack's Halloween Hunt Halloween 1 Sep 28th 2018 Oct 9th 2018
20181101 News 04 Image 01.png Isabelle's Party-Prep Project First Anniversary (Garden) Nov 1st 2018 Nov 12th 2018
20181129 News 02 Image 01.png Jingle's Holly Jolly Roundup Regal Toy Day Nov 29th 2018 Dec 10th 2018
20181227 News 02 Image 01.png Tortimer's Floral Fancy Camellia Zen Dec 27th 2018 Jan 7th 2019
1901313.png Pelly's Flight of Passion Cute Confections Shop Jan 31st 2019 Feb 10th 2019
20190228 Garden Image 01.png Viva Festivale with Pavé Flowery Festivale Feb 28th 2019 Mar 11th 2019
20190329 Garden Image 01.png Katie's Time Out Spring Picnic Mar 29th 2019 Apr 9th 2019
20190430 Garden Image 01.png Idle Beats with DJ KK Rock Fest Apr 30th 2019 May 11th 2019
20190531 Garden Image 01.png Gracie's Haute Hello Lily Chapel May 31st 2019 Jun 10th 2019
20190628 Garden Image 01.png Pascal's Crunchy Munchies Beach Resort Jun 28th 2019 Jul 8th 2019
20190731 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Garden Gathering Garden Gathering Jul 31st 2019 Aug 10th 2019
20190829 Garden Image 01.png City Slickin' with Kicks Old-Timey Town Aug 29th 2019 Sep 8th 2019
20190926 Garden Image 01.png Jack's Ghoulish Gala Ghoulish Gala Sep 26th 2019 Oct 6th 2019
20191101 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Double Dazzle Blue Rose Garden Nov 1st 2019 Nov 11th 2019
20191128 Garden Image 01.png Jingle's Frosted Forest Frosted Forest Nov 28th 2019 Dec 9th 2019
20191231 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Tranquil Tearoom Tranquil Tearoom Dec 31st 2019 Jan 11th 2020
20200130 Garden Image 01.png Reese's Sweet Nothings Confectionery Jan 30th 2020 Feb 10th 2020
20200229 Garden 01.png Leif's Happy Tulips Spring Tulip Garden Feb 29th 2020 Mar 11th 2020
20200331 Garden Image 01.png Katie's Sakura Festival Sakura Festival Mar 31st 2020 Apr 10th 2020
20200430 Garden Image 01.png Daisy Mae's Pickin' Patch Farm-Fresh Veggie Patch Apr 30th 2020 May 11th 2020
20200531 Garden Image 01.png Lottie's Wedding Expo Garden Wedding May 31st 2020 Jun 11th 2020
20200630 Garden Image 01.png Gulliver's Port Resort Port Resort Jun 30th 2020 Jul 10th 2020
20200729 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Creek Cooldown Creek Cooldown Jul 29th 2020 Aug 10th 2020
20200830 Garden Image 01.png Celeste's Ginkgo Café Ginkgo Terrace Aug 30th 2020 Sep 10th 2020
20200929 Garden Image 01.png Jack's Creepy Conjuring Mystical Halloween Magic Sep 29th 2020 Oct 9th 2020
20201030 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Pastel Party Dreamy Pastels Oct 30th 2020 Nov 10th 2020
20201130 Garden Image 01.png Jingle's Glowing Garden Glowing Garden Nov 30th 2020 Dec 11th 2020
20201231 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Hanafuda Deck Hanafuda Hangout Dec 31st 2020 Jan 11th 2021
20210130 Garden Image 01.png Rover's Waffle Whimsy Streetcar Travels Jan 30th 2021 Feb 9th 2021
20210228 Garden Image 01.png Katie's Living Labyrinth Garden Labyrinth Feb 28th 2021 Mar 11th 2021
20210330 Garden Image 01.png Zipper's Enormous Egg Hunt Enormous Egg Hunt Mar 30th 2021 Apr 10th 2021
20210430 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Garden Gratitude Bloomin' Hydrangea Park Apr 30th 2021 May 11th 2021
20210530 Garden Image 01.png Label's Sleek City Slickers Stylin' Cityscape May 30th 2021 Jun 9th 2021
20210629 Garden Image 01.png Kapp'n's Summer Resort Vacation Summer Resort Vacation Jun 29th 2021 Jul 10th 2021
20210729 Garden Image 01.png Pascal's Deep-Sea Digs Deep-Sea Digs Jul 29th 2021 Aug 9th 2021
20210829 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Lunar Lookout Isabelle's Lunar Lookout Aug 29th 2021 Sep 9th 2021
20210929 Garden Image 01.png Jack's Fantastical Fable Hero's Home Village Sep 29th 2021 Oct 10th 2021
20211030 Garden Image 01.png Franklin's Farm-to-Table Fall Harvest Festival Oct 30th 2021 Nov 10th 2021
20211130 Garden Image 01.png Jingle's Merry Market Toy Day Marketplace Nov 30th 2021 Dec 11th 2021
20211229 Garden Image 01.png Tortimer's Origami Party Origami Estate Dec 30th 2021 Jan 9th 2022
20220127 Garden Image 01.png Celeste's Chocolate Terrace Chocolate Terrace Jan 27th 2022 Feb 7th 2022
20220227 Garden Image 01.png Leif's Flower Frolic Floral Frolic Feb 27th 2022 Mar 10th 2022
20220331 Garden Image 01.png Katie's Sakura Cruise Sakura River Cruise Mar 31st 2022 Apr 11th 2022
20220430 Garden Image 01.png Gracie's Glass Garden Glass Garden Apr 30th 2022 May 10th 2022
20220530 Garden Image 01.png Reese's Hydrangea Haven Hydrangea Haven May 30th 2022 Jun 10th 2022
20220629 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Tanabata Tour Tanabata Tour Jun 29th 2022 Jul 9th 2022
20220730 Garden Image 01.png Orville's Tropical Festival Tropical Festival Jul 30th 2022 Aug 10th 2022
20220830 Garden Image 01.png Celeste's Moongaze Mixer Moongaze Mixer Aug 30th 2022 Sep 10th 2022
20220929 Garden Image 01.png Jack's Sorcery School Sorcery School Sep 29th 2022 Oct 9th 2022
20221029 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Glowing Garden Wire-Sculpture Park Oct 29th 2022 Nov 9th 2022
20221128 Garden Image 01.png Jingle's Crafty Toy Day Crafty Toy Day Nov 28th 2022 Dec 9th 2022
20221230 Garden Image 01.png Blathers's Piping Hot Food Piping Hot Food Stalls Dec 30th 2022 Jan 10th 2023
20230130 Garden Image 01.png Reese's Jam Fest Sweet Jam Fest Jan 30th 2023 Feb 10th 2023
20230227 Garden Image 01.png Leif's Springy Dandelions Springy Dandelions Feb 27th 2023 Mar 10th 2023
20230330 Garden Image 01.png Katie's Cherry Blossom Bash Cherry Blossom Bash Mar 30th 2023 Apr 9th 2023
20230429 Garden Image 01.png Gulliver's Tiny Travels Tiny Travels Apr 29th 2023 May 10th 2023
20230530 Garden Image 01.png Labelle's Wedding Salon Wedding Salon May 30th 2023 Jun 10th 2023
20230629 Garden Image 01.png Pascal's Conch Shell Cove Conch Shell Cove Jun 29th 2023 Jul 10th 2023
20230729 Garden Image 01.png Nat's Jungle Exploration Jungle Exploration Jul 29th 2023 Aug 9th 2023
20230829 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Fall Informal Fall Informal Aug 29th 2023 Sep 8th 2023
20230928 Garden Image 01.png Jack's Phantom Forest Jack's Phantom Forest Sep 28th 2023 Oct 9th 2023
20231029 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Luxe Toast Isabelle's Luxe Toast Oct 29th 2023 Nov 9th 2023
20231129 Garden Image 01.png Jingle's Toy Day Square Toy Day Square Nov 29th 2023 Dec 10th 2023
20231230 Garden Image 01.png Tortimer's Kingdom Report Tortimer's Kingdom Report Dec 30th 2023 Jan 10th 2024
20240130 Garden Image 01.png Rover's Snowy Spectacle Snowy Spectacle Jan 30th 2024 Feb 9th 2024
20240229 Garden Image 01.png Isabelle's Azalea Garden Quiet Azalea Garden Feb 29th 2024 Mar 10th 2024
20240331 Garden Image 01.png Zipper's Sakura Bunny Day Sakura Bunny Day Mar 31st 2024 Apr 10th 2024
20240430 Garden Image 01.png Harvey's Colorful Picnic Harvey's Colorful Picnic Apr 30th 2024 May 10th 2024