Billy's Map

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Villager Map
Billy's Map
Adventuremap 01 gold goa02.png
Goal Reward
Billy Icon.png Billy
Roll Cost
Civic Essence x12
Total Spaces
Sell Price
Not Sold

How to Obtain

Billy's Map is a Blathers's Treasure Trek Map of Gold rarity. It can be obtained as a souvenir from Gulliver's ship.

Found on the following Gulliver's Islands:

Name Travel Time Points Required Completion Bonus
Name Travel Time Points Required Completion Bonus
☆ Buzz and Pals' Island
Gulliver ship icon island 01 06.png ☆ Buzz and Pals' Island
6 Hour(s)
140 pts.
Leaf Ticket Map x1

Cost & Rewards

Roll Cost Common Rewards Rare Reward Goal Reward
Main Secondary
Civic Essence x12 Bronze Treats x8 Silver Treats x2 Gold Treats x2 Billy Icon.png Billy

Map Details

Total Spaces Normal Spaces Movement Spaces Common Reward Spaces Rare Spaces Goal Spaces
Main Secondary
20 4 3 8 2 2 1


Billy map.png