Lunar Horizon

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Furniture Wallpaper Icon.png Wallpaper
Lunar Horizon
Car wall starsky.png
Catalog Category
Craft Time
0 Seconds
Selling Price
1,600 Bells Bells
Animal Reactions
No reaction.
Conversation Piece
Favorite Gift

How to Obtain

Name Material Cost Bell Cost How to Unlock How to Obtain
Car wall starsky.png
Lunar Horizon
120 Leaf Ticket 0 Bells Bells


Reissue crafting available for a limited time period.

Name Material Cost Bell Cost Craft Time Availability
Car wall starsky.png
Lunar Horizon
120 Leaf Ticket 0 Bells Bells 0 Seconds Dec. 12, 2020 - Dec. 30, 2020

Dec. 6, 2021 - Dec. 26, 2021

Traveling Sales

This item can be sold by Saharah Icon.png Saharah via Traveling Sales.

Name Material Cost Discount Discounted Cost
Car wall starsky.png
Lunar Horizon
120 Leaf Ticket N/A N/A

Villagers Who Love This

  • None

Classes That Use This

As Recommended Furniture

  • None

As Background Decor Item

Name Type Start Date End Date
Ftr pzl 5500049.png Space-Out Room 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 5500043.png Space-Out Room Normal
Ftr pzl 4005016.png Spaceship Command Normal
Ftr pzl 3302012.png Independent Living Normal
Ftr pzl 3302015.png Independent Living 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 3306027.png Noble Invitation 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 4203017.png Spaceship Command 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 5401001.png Jungle Hideout 1 Event Aug 1st 2023 Oct 30th 2023
Ftr pzl 5305018.png Glowing Fantasia 2 Event Feb 20th 2023 May 21st 2023
Ftr pzl 5301001.png Festive Steamy Soup 1 Event Dec 11th 2022 Dec 18th 2022
Ftr pzl 4406008.png Toy Day Marketplace 2 Event Nov 30th 2021 Dec 11th 2021
Ftr pzl 4404029.png Lottie's Deserted Island Event Oct 28th 2021 Jan 11th 2022
Ftr pzl 4207007.png Pop Quiz: Summer Memories 1 Event Jun 29th 2021 Jul 28th 2021
Ftr pzl 4206001.png Electropop 1 Event Jun 20th 2021 Jun 28th 2021
Ftr pzl 4003013.png Lottie's Starry Night Event Dec 29th 2020 Jan 4th 2021
Ftr pzl 3304014.png Lottie's Garden Fireworks Event Aug 24th 2020 Sep 3rd 2020
Ftr pzl 3304016.png Lottie's Planetarium Event Aug 24th 2020 Sep 3rd 2020
Ftr pzl 3304002.png Elegant Aquarium 2 Event Aug 12th 2020 Aug 20th 2020
Ftr pzl 3303001.png Starry Night 1 Event Aug 1st 2020 Oct 30th 2020
Ftr pzl 3303003.png Starry Night 3 Event Aug 1st 2020 Oct 30th 2020
Ftr pzl 3303006.png Creek Cooldown 3 Event Jul 29th 2020 Aug 10th 2020
Ftr pzl 3302018.png Adventurous Journey 2 Event Jul 11th 2020 Oct 9th 2020
Ftr pzl 3300007.png Lottie's Big-Top Bash Event Jun 26th 2020 Jul 5th 2020
Ftr pzl 3202011.png Terrarium Decor 3 Event May 13th 2020 May 20th 2020
Ftr pzl 3103008.png Lottie's Movie Night Event Mar 25th 2020 Apr 8th 2020
Ftr pzl 3100014.png Lottie's Midnight View Event Feb 22nd 2020 Mar 3rd 2020
Ftr pzl 3003005.png Snow Globe Memories 2 Event Jan 24th 2020 Jan 30th 2020