Lottie's Confection Castle

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Lottie's Confection Castle
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Catalog Category
Sweets Series
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Passing Grade
120+ Points
Jun. 26, 2020 - Jul. 5, 2020
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Lottie's Sunflower Garden


Lottie's Confection Castle is a Happy Homeroom class that features Merengue Icon.png Merengue and items mainly from the Sweets Series category.

This course is a limited time event course linked to Lottie's Moving Up and is only available during the event's duration.

Medal Requirements

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3 Perfect Score
120+ Points 155+ Points 205+ Points 234 Points

Medal Rewards

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3
1,000 Bells Bells 2,000 Bells Bells 5,000 Bells Bells

On-Point Items

Name Type Size Rarity Materials Bell Cost Craft Time Unlocked by
Int swt chesta.png
Sweets Dresser
Furniture Storage Icon.png
4x2 ★★ 60 Preserves

60 Wood

3 Hip Essence
2,380 Bells Bells 9 Hour(s) 30 Minute(s) Unlock Penelope
Int oth chococake.png
Chocolate Cake
Furniture Food Decor Icon.png
Food Decor
2x2 6 Preserves 530 Bells Bells 1 Minute(s) Unlock Carmen
Furniture Sweets Sofa.png
Sweets Sofa
Furniture Seat Icon.png
4x2 ★★ 60 Cotton

60 Preserves

3 Cute Essence

3 Hip Essence
1,950 Bells Bells 8 Hour(s) Unlock Merengue

Room Requirements

Lottie's Confection Castle Spec.png

Completed Room

Lottie's Confection Castle Comp.png

Background Decor Items