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18 May 2023

  • curprev 11:3411:34, 18 May 2023Bassieeee talk contribsm 7,756 bytes −5 No edit summary
  • curprev 11:2811:28, 18 May 2023Bassieeee talk contribs 7,761 bytes +7,761 Created page with "{{Event Page |name={{PAGENAME}} |image=20230512 Fishing Image 01.png |type=Fishing |announcement=Fishing Tourney On Now! (May 12, 2023) |catalogCategory=Desert Oasis |startDate=2023-05-12 |endDate=2023-05-19 |host=C.J. }} ''For a detailed guide for this event, see How to Play.'' {{PAGENAME}} is an event featuring {{vt|C.J.}} which utilizes the {{vt|Saltwater Shores}} location. The event introduces rare types of fish, as..."